Welcome to SquiggleKit Docs

SquiggleKit is a toolkit for accessing and manipulating nanopore signal data. It has also been designed to act as an introduction to the data files produced by Oxford Nanopore Technology sequencing devices.

Code: SquiggleKit.

Pre-print: SquiggleKit: A toolkit for manipulating nanopore signal data

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Tool Category Description
Fast5_fetcher File management Fetches fast5 files given a filtered input list
SquigglePull Signal extraction Extracts event or raw signal from data files
SquigglePlot Signal visualisation Visualisation tool for signal data
Segmenter Signal analysis Finds adapter stall, and homopolymer regions
MotifSeq Signal analysis Finds nucleotide sequence motifs in signal, i.e.“Ctrl+F”

Workflow of SquiggleKit

Getting help with SquiggleKit

Happy to help and receive feedback. You can leave an issue on the github repo: SquiggleKit, @Psy_Fer_ on twitter, or shoot me an email at j.ferguson@garvan.org.au

Created and maintained by James Ferguson from Genomic Technologies, Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics, Garvan Institute, Sydney Australia.